Ich bin nicht aus demselben Holz geschnitzt wie ihr.
Ich bin Brennholz.

Welcome to my humble abode. I am a piece of fire wood (pictured below), and you are currently wading through the carcass of all the time I've killed online. Feel free to feast on it until you're full, you little rascal, you! ;)

(I'm sorry that this page looks like shit, i'm graphically incompetent and bad with computers.)

quick selfie:

Some of the writing on this page, while never smutty in nature, might be considered nsfw in parts. Though I honestly don't think you should be browsing neocities at work in the first place.

This page is divided into three main sections, Grottiges Geschreibsel, Music and Other Stuff. The first section contains my writing, a bunch of poetry and prose, listed chronologically. As the title suggests, most of it's in german, though there are a few english pieces in there as well, wich are easily distinguishable by their titles. If you don't speak german and still desperately want to read these for some reason, just pop them into DeepL Translator to get the gist. Works relatively well these days. Just make sure with the poems to delete the verse seperations first, or it will translate each paragraph as its own sentence.

Regarding the music: since the hosting of more sophisticated audio formats is reserved to members of a higher caste, I have resorted to creating midis. These all have their own little Vibe Zones™ that I made to enhance each song. I used a service called MIDIjs, wich doesn't work 100% on all browsers. In fact, the only browser that i'm as of right now aware of that manages to play these without stutter is Edge of all things. So that's kind of a bummer, though installing plug ins or something might help, i don't know. I'm open to suggestions for alternatives. These are all made to loop by the way, but i haven't figured out if/how you can do that with MIDIjs yet. If anybody knows, please tell me.

Other stuff contains everything else. Whatever non writing/music Ideas I have will end up here. As of right now, the most prominent page in this section is "random thoughts", a pseudo blog on wich I indiscriminately smear whatever gets stuck in the old dream catcher. You can also find links to other cool neocities pages here.

Grottiges Geschreibsel


Other Stuff

tiled backgrounds from 3D jungle.

uhhh idk can't think of a funny last quote thing will update if i do