Ich bin nicht aus demselben Holz geschnitzt wie ihr.
Ich bin Brennholz.

Welcome to my humble abode. I am a piece of fire wood (pictured below), and you are currently wading through the carcass of all the time I've killed online. Feel free to feast on it until you're full, you little rascal, you! ;)

(This page is a horridly ugly mess, but so am I! It all checks out.)

quick selfie:

Some of the writing on this page, while never smutty in nature, might be considered nsfw in parts. Though I honestly don't think you should be browsing neocities at work in the first place. There's also a lot of swearing! Scandalous.

This website is best observed on a desktop at a resolution of 1366 x 768, but most pages are so simplistic in their design that their function is not really inhibited if you access them at a different resolution/on your phone, especially if you activate desktop mode in the latter case.

Most of my poems/short stories are in german. I used to recommend using deepl translator to understand these, but I have to admit that that barely works. I might get around to translating them all at some point.

To-Do List:

Other Stuff

Webdesign is NOT my passion, Webdesign is a NEVERENDING STRUGGLE against an INVISIBLE FOE wich exclusively results in UNFULFILLING COMPROMISES
and yet I keep doing it
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tiled backgrounds usually from 3D jungle
a lot of stuff just yanked off of google images lmao