1. bossa novus
  2. song of sorrow
  3. The perilous journey
  4. encounter of the random kind
  5. Space is the place
  6. shady shop

What is this?

This is a collection of midis that I have created, all contained within their own little dimensions, made possible through my world famous Vibe Zone™ technology and the MIDIjs midi hosting service. The thing above is supposed to emulate the back of a cd, in case that wasn't obvious. Wich it probably wasn't.

...Why though...?

Originally, I did this is as a way to post my music on neocities without having to become a paying supporter, since only those are allowed to host mp3s and oggs on their website. Since then, I have learned of multiple ways to circumvent this limitation, such as embedded youtube links and the scm music player, but i've grown fond of midis and their specific sound, and I think it fits the music I make since it tends to be very videogamey. I suck at music production, so most of these didn't sound any better as actual sound files anyway.

How does he do it???

I export a song that I made in LMMS that I think would work for this as a midi. The LMMS midi export is ultra fucked: every instrument defaults to piano, and trying to change them in most midi sequencers like BRELS will result in weird glitches that destroy the file or mess with the notes. The only software I know that can somewhat reliably be used to reallocate instruments to the individual tracks is Melody Assistant, wich I had to pay like 30 bucks for (Oh well). Even this software isn't perfect, as some notes will randomly be deleted. Just compare the space shooter track on this page with the version up on my bandcamp, the bassline of the second part was almost entirely deleted during the midi conversion process for reasons that I do not understand. Once the midi is done, I upload it to neocities and start building the website around it. Do I really? No, because the midi sounds like TRASH!!! Since Melody Assistant and MIDIjs use different sound banks, I have no way of actually knowing what the song will sound like on the page before I upload the file. Adding to that, MIDIjs has a weird habit of cranking the volume of random instruments- wich sound totally fine when I open the file in other midi players- to earrape level. So I go back into Melody Assistant, shuffle some instruments around, turn down the volume of the ones MIDIjs has a peeve with and upload the file again. After about 15 iterations, the midi reaches a state that I am somewhat satisfied with. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, stretch my back, massage my temples and throw my laptop against the nearest wall, where it stays for at least a day.

That seems like a massive waste of your severely limited time on this earth dude why not just-

shut up this is my page i do what i want i am a goddamn WEBMASTER