Ich bin das Fleisch in einer Fünfminutenterinne,

das Schamhaar auf der Zunge einer Prostituierten,

der Eifleck auf der Schürze eines Schlachters,

der kleine Zeh am linken Fuß eines Querschnittsgelähmten.

Ich bin die Socke, die in der Wäsche verschwindet,

die Schlafzimmertür, die in der Hochzeitsnacht klemmt,

das Kaugummiautomatenspielzeug, an dem ein Kind erstickt,

der Legostein, auf den du um drei auf dem Weg zum Klo trittst.

Ich bin die Made im Reis,

die Schnecke am Duschvorhang,

die abgeleckte Salzstange,

der eingewachsene Zehennagel.

Ich bin nicht aus demselben Holz geschnitzt wie ihr.

Ich bin Brennholz.


random questionaire from tumblr that I filled out a while ago

1. Name/ No 2. Nationality/ German 3. Age/ 21 4. Birthday/ 01.12. 5. Zodiac sign (or your primal zodiac sign)/ Sagittarius (what's a civilized zodiac sign...?) 6. Gender/ male 7. Sexuality/ Maybe 8. Your looks (add a picture or describe yourself)/ the face of a dead goblin on the body of an unfit adult, constantly hunched 9. What do you/did you study?/ don't wanna say 10. What's your current job like?/What job would you like to have?/ We'll see - 11. Your birth order/ what? 12. How many siblings do you have?/ one older brother 13. Do you have good relations with your family?/ Yeah they're great 14. How many friends do you have?/ Not many, shitty question bro 15. Your relationship status/ single 16. What do you look for in a SO?/ Understanding 17. Do you have a crush?/ Nah 18. When did you have your first kiss?/ Wouldn't YOU like to know 19. Do you prefer serious and meaningful relationships or casual dating/one night stands?/ I'd prefer a serious relationship 20. What are your deal breakers?/ An obviously exaggerated personality, a sense of entitlement (especially a sense of being above certain activities or people), refusing to own up to mistakes and weaknesses - 21. How was your day?/ pretty ok, didn't get much done tho 22. Favourite food & drink/ beef soup (counts for both) 23. What position do you sleep in?/ fetal 24. Last Dream you remember?/ Tonight I dreamt that a random girl who i didn't know was staying over and came into my room at 3 am demanding to play some mmo with me (I don't play MMOs). She laid down in my bed and gestured for me to join her in it with my laptop, even though she had the flu 25. Your fears/ people close to me dying, coming to a complete standstill in my life 26. Your dreams/ being in a band, making a game, becoming an author... 27. Your goals/ see above (unrealistic) 28. Any pets?/ a dog i love very much! :) His name is Bob (Also a cat, 3 turtles and a few cocks (all of wich are back home, i am currently petless in my new place...)) 29. What are your hobbies?/ making music, reading, writing, building my website, learning languages (Swedish and Portuguese) 30. Any cool places in your area?/ There's a place somewhat uphill from my house where you can watch a bunch of deer and boar in a huge, fenced off field. It's open 24/7 and you can get a whole big ass cup of deer food for just 1€. 31. What was your last awkward situation?/ An Aquaintance sat next to me on the bus and said: "oh, hi, what a coincidence! :)", so I submitted to my fate, replied and took my headphones off, but she didn't say anything for the reast of the drive, just sort of stared off through the window (which made me feel stared at through my peripheral vision as I had the window seat), and so I was stuck there, looking down on my headphones, wishing I hadn't taken them off, wondering how rude it would be to put them back on. 32. What is your last regret?/ Taking on this 100 Question thing 33. Language/s you can speak/ English, German 34. Do you believe in astrological stuff? (Zodiac, tarot, etc.)/ I don't take it at all seriously, but I can't deny that it fascinates me. I think Tarot and Zodiac can enable us through interpreting them to reach into our subconscious and vocalize observations we usually couldn't. I used to be super into fortune telling and other magic stuff as a kid. I got a set of "Anime" Tarot cards for christmas (not with actual anime characters,but charaters drawn in a cheap anime style. I just htought it was funny) 35. Have any quirks?/ I sit in strange ways because it's comfortable, I like making weird noises and faces and muttering nonsense to myself when I'm alone (I got that from my father) 36. Your pet peeves/ Advertisments piss me off beyond reason, I hate having to sell myself/being sold to. Also some german language things: people confusing wie (as) with als (than) or writing words that could be combined into one word as two seperate words (that's the coolest part of the language, what the hell are you doing???) 37. Ideal vacation/ Easter island: fascinating and mysterious culture/history, tropical 38. Any scars?/ not really 39. What does your last text message say?/ "Dann ist ja gut (laughing emoji)" 40. Last 5 things from your search history/ dunno how to look it up 41. What's your [device] background?/ my phone background is a picture of my dog resting in a square of sunlight, my laptop background is a piece by cam collins 42. What do you daydream about?/ random discussions i have with myself, stuff i want to make. 43. Describe your dream home/ A bunch of plants, wood floor and furniture, green walls lined with filled bookshelves, maybe a fireplace, a crt with ALL the retro systems and an accordingly huge game collection 44. What's your religion/Your thought about religion/ I'm agnostic 45. Your personality type/ INFP (or INFJ, either way it's nonsense) 46. The most dangerous thing you've done/ idk i do a lot of stupid impulsive shit, most recently climbing around on the ruins of a medieval castle on top of a hill 47. Are you happy with your current life?/ sure 48. Some things you've tried in your life/ - 49. What does your wardrobe consist of?/ worn out Jeans and Hoodies 50. Favourite colour to wear?/ don't really have a favorite color to wear, ig it would be green, tho my favorite hoodie (wearing it rn) is grey 51. How would you describe your style?/ i got that creep-on-the-subway-who-you-try-to-avoid-making-eye-contact-with drip 52. Are you happy with your current looks?/ no, but I got other issues 53. If you could change/add something to your appearance - impossible or not - what would it be?/ I'd probably fix my crooked tooth, it's not too bad but it annoys me 54. Any tattoos or piercings?/ no, but i'll be getting a tattoo soon with two friends, we made a pact that we'd get one if we still were friends as 20 year olds 55. Do you get complimented often?/ not for my appearence 56. Favourite aesthetic?/ plants in the city 57. A popular trend that you dislike/ the entirety of tik tok - 58. Songs you're currently obsessed with?/ "Birthday Cake" by Cibo Matto, "Head" by Cities Aviv, "He who speaks through Pyramids" by Gelbart, "Angel" by Standing on the Corner, "When I get Home" by Post Animal 59. Song you normally wouldn't admit you like./ "Marathon" by Helene Fischer (it's a Schlager song (ew), but we played it as part of a medley in the marching band I'm in and I formed a connection with it) 60. Favourite genre?/ "Indie", according to spotify. That's not really a genre, is it... :P I'll listen to anything really, as long as it's on my wavelength 61. Favourite artist/band/genre?/ not really anyone i'm massively fanboying over at the moment, I used to be big into Caravan Palace a few years ago 62. Hated popular songs/artists?/ There's a few that are etched into my brain from a working experience with an electrician, where they had the radio on all day and the radio station played the same 5 songs over and over 63. Put your music on shuffle and list first 5/ "Pusherman" by Curtis Mayfield, "Black Qualls" by Thundercat, "I Cannot Fucking Wait Til Morissey Dies" by JPEGMAFIA, "Seven Times" by Lianne La Havas, "Never Catch Me" by Flying Lotus 64. Can you sing or play any instruments?/ I like singing but I suck, I can play the Sax but i never practice. Also started teaching myself bass guitar last month. I've had it lying around for four years now... better late than never, huh? 65. Do you like karaoke?/ ye 66. Own any albums?/ About twenty CDs. Also impulsively bought a tape from someone's bandcamp at 4 am, so now I have to get a device that can play tapes, and then a bunch more tapes to make the purchase of the tape playing device worth it. (Update: I have like 5 tapes now) 67. Do you listen to radio? What stations?/ All music stations here play the same top pop, so i listen to Deutschlandfunk, wich is news radio basically - 68. Favourite movie/series?/ Movie: Love Exposure (bitter aftertaste knowing what we know now), Series: der Tatortreiniger 69. Favourite genre of movies/books/etc/ LITERARY FICTION 70. Your fictional crush/es/ I do not feel for fake flesh. (jk) 71. Which fictional character is you?/ Pierre from War and Peace (except I don't have a lot of moneyyyy) 72. Are you a shipper? List your otps, if so/ idek what an otp is 73. Favourite greek god?/ Uhhhh Hades 74. A legend from where you live that you like/ I can finally put something cool here! got a book on local legends while home for the holidays. Multiple of these legends tell of a population of gnome-like creatures that dwelled near a certain village not too far from my old home. They would help the locals by giving them food and lending them cooking utensils in exchange for a bit of money or food. One night, a ferryman heard voices telling him to put his pedal on the shore. The gnomes walked over it onto the boat. At the other side of the river, the ferryman put his pedal back onto the ground, but soon heard screams, because the leader of these creatures fell off of the pedal and drowned, after wich the others just like evaporated or something. (I'm not sure that I have this 100% right, my Lower German isn't that good.) 75. Do you like art? What's your favourite work or artist?/ I love art but i don't know shit about it. I tend to favor more abstract stuff. I recently bought a book of Albin Brunovskys art at a museum. 76. Can you share your other social media?/ I don't have other social media 77. Favourite youtubers?/ I'm trying to cut youtube out of my life. 78. Favourite platform?/ neocities 79. How much time do you spend on the internet?/ too much 80. What video games have you played? Which one's your favourite?/ A bunch of Nintendo stuff from the 3ds/ Wii u era, some ps2 classics, a plethora of strange and cool artsy itch.io games. My two burning passions are the megaten franchise and the kill the past series, my favorite games being the silver case and digital devil saga 2 81. Your favourite books (manga also counts)/ "The Wall" by Marlene Haushofer, "The box man" by Kobo Abe, "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende, "If on a winter's night a traveler" by Italo Calvino 82. Do you play board/card games?/ no, but i'd like to get into them 83. Have you ever been to a night marathon in cinema?/ no :( 84. Favourite holiday/ christmas 85. Are you into dramas?/ no - 86. Would you use death note, if you had one?/ probably, yeah 87. What changes would you make in the world, no matter how impossible, if you had the power to?/ I'd fully stop climate change and reverse the damage by about 80 years, level all power dynamics that and have us nourish ourselves through fotosynthesis so that we can live whithout having to kill 88. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?/ I couldn't, but I wouldn't want to in the first place, that's a miserable world to be in 89. If you had to be turned into a paranormal being, what would it be?/ A dragon, they're cool! :) 90. What would you want to happen to you after your death?/ I'd like to be buried underneath a massive, rune-covered rock with a golden coin placed on each eye wearing my favorite jammies 91. If you had to change your name, what would be your pick?/ Stief Mensch 92. Who would you switch your life with for a week?/ Michael Jackson (he's alive) 93. Pick an emoji to be your tattoo/ winking face emoji, right on the forehead in red ink 94. Write 3 things about yourself - only one of them must be true/ 1. I sometimes sneak out of the house at 3 am, get naked, crawl through the mud and pretend that I'm a little snake man. 2. At age 13, I was carted off in an Ambulence because I had swallowed a 50ct coin while watching tv. 3. My mother has grown weary of me sneaking out and has put 5 garden gnomes who she calls "the Brady Bunch" at the foot of my bed to watch and intimidate me. - 95. Cold or hot?/ hot 96. Be a hero or be a villain?/ a hero, cause I'm not 13 97. Sing everything you want to say or rhyme?/ sing, rhyming would drastically lower my options of self-expression, constant singing might actually increase it on the analogue level 98. Shapeshifting or controlling time?/ I feel like controlling time would mess my brain up proper, plus shapeshifting is damn cool, I could turn into a bald eagle and attack rednecks, so i'll pick that 99. Be immortal or be immune to everything aside from natural death?/ definitely immune to everything, I do want to die someday, lving forever sux 100. ..... or .....?/ hmmm... tough choice. I'll have to go with .....

Me on graduation day! :)