"...tangible, yummy acknowledgement."

-weirdly poetic bot comments I found under a CONAN remote-

Worlds underneath Samurais and badgers
Frightened fuel's lucky day
Willy the shit
The ATM has awoken
Society is comfort
Cousins and sons
The living alarm
Still beds run deep
A superb accordion
Someone having a religious moment while watching Kevin Hart backseating
This is what happened when I loaded one of the screenshots
The last susan
Just married
From within your mind
First flowers in Antarctica
Tangible, yummy acknowledgement
The Flu

I was rewatching old Conan remotes a while ago and noticed a strange, seemingly nonsensical very recent comment. Then another one with the exact same structure. Sorting by new revealed a flood of similar comments, and by that point, the case had become clear. I've never seen these types of bots before. My assumption is that they autofill messages like these to avoid being filtered as spam. As for their purpose, I have no clue. None of these accounts have suspicious links in their bios or baity profile pictures, so I'd assume that they're just supposed to heighten engagement for the algorithm. You wouldn't think that a TV show would need to do that, but whatever. Feel free to look for these on your own, I've been sitting on these screenshots for a while so they might be deleted by now or something, but they should be spread all over the Team COCO youtube channel.

R.I.P. Conan o Brien's Late Night career 1993-2021