Yes, we're open!

Look around! I insist!! Got a lotta good stuff in here, loote- ...uh, gathered from... various sources. (;ಠ。ಠ)

No clue what this is. I assume it's got some ritual function.

Perpetuum Rotundus. Never stops spinning!! Too bad, really...
It's got a rad design.

Lucky bags! What could be inside...? Exciting!!۹(˒‿˓)۶
...No refunds.

Behold: The invisible talisman! It does: nothing!! (O▿O)
70 bucks.

That's my dinner. I was eating when you entered. Prolly cold by now. Yours for 5$!

These boots have the incredible magical property of electricity absorption!!

A gun!! What type? Uh... Well, it shoots bullets...
...I think...?

Miracle Cookies of Liptonia! Alledgedly go well with Stonehead's Milk of Skelefication.

The Holy Grail!!
...But I dropped it the other day, and now it doesn't work. Oops!

Hey, did you know that your Liver can regenerate? People pay lotsa money for those things... Just sayin'.


(sorry for going apeshit with the drums on what was supposed to be a chill jam...)