The bookmarked page appears to be a recent addition. It’s a leaf of the sort of chlorine bleached evenly dimensioned paper you can buy in any modern-day copy shop. Before even realizing that they can understand the words, your office-job-belaboured eyes recognize the font as Times New Roman at a size of 18p: Clearly, this is the work of professionals. English-speaking professionals, as you finally notice. You begin to read.

Welcome, dear interdimensional tourist, to this gate to semantic space, the chapel of Saint Katherina.
According to church records of dimension 155e, this chapel vanished from a convent in the Austrian countryside in 1677 in the blink of an eye, alongside all the monks who had assembled within for their morning prayers. The Vatican suspected witch-work and went on a hunting spree in the surrounding area. In truth, the chapel fell victim to an incredibly rare space-time anomaly: It had been lifted into semantic space, constantly oscillating between dimensions shaped not by the laws of nature, but by emotions, perceptions and associations- so-called Vibe Zones™. The illustrations in the book you are currently reading suggest that the Monks must have been looking out of the windows in pure awe, observing the alien scenery of these foreign dimensions. As trained scribes used to stories of miracles and apocalyptic visions, they chronicled their experiences on any parchment they could find within the building, which we later assembled into the volume you currently hold. However, the monks were nowhere to be found by the point we stumbled across this chapel, and the parchment had become indecipherable due to the distortions caused by constant semantic spatial travel. The entire chapel was in a heavy state of distortion when we found it, though we were able to prevent further decay by anchoring the chapel’s location within semantic space. Moreover, we managed to use the chapel’s inherent instability to open multiple portals to fixed locations within Vibe Zones™, which you will find on the wall behind you. You may explore these Vibe Zones™ at your leisure, but also at your own risk- some of the beings inhabiting them may be hostile. As you will hear yourself, the thoughts and feelings comprising these Vibe Zones™ don’t just express themselves in visions, but musical sound, since all music is, after all, an expression of Vibe. Through secret technoalchemic procedures, we have managed to capture the musical essences of the Vibe Zones™ accessible from this gate. Copies of these essences will soon be available in the Gift Shop.
Happy exploring!

The Feedback Spacemen,
Interdimensional Semantic Space Research Group.

After you've finished reading, you turn the page in search of any additional information, but the following pages only seem to repeat what you have just read in different languages.

>Investigate colorful piece of paper
>Investigate portals