On closer inspection, the colourful piece of paper reveals itself to be the laminated, unfolded menu flyer of some pizza place. The actual menu is smudged, similarly to the book’s pages, rendering its items illegible. Someone has written a message over it with a purple felt pen in upsettingly small letters. You begin to read:

Ayo. This is Brennholz, coming to you from beyond the veil of narrative. You might remember this page as a simple list of links incompetently arranged to look like the tracks on the back of a cd case, followed by an FAQ-esque explanation which was really just an outlet for me to whine about how much the tools I’m working with here SUCK. Nothing’s changed on that front, except that my bullshit tolerance might have naturally increased with age... Anyway, I never really liked that design. I mean, even if the focus is on the midis, the goal of Vibe Zones ™ has always been to create a unity of those midis with spaces, levels from non-existent video games to properly host my videogamey music, but the way you enter them is through a song list- that’s an awkward jump of dimensions, no? The logical conclusion was to create a kind of hub area, potentially through a text adventure styled second person narration, because this fit with the gamey theme of Vibe Zones ™, because designing this sort of thing in a non-text-based way seems like beyond my capabilities, and because I have some previous experience with the genre. I debated for quite a while whether this breaks my unspoken rule of NO NOSTALGIABAIT, but I eventually decided that who even cares lmao. Hope you enjoy :)

>Investigate the bookmarked page >Investigate portals