The hall ends in a large, slightly elevated plane. Its semi-circular back wall features a row of man-sized holes covered by screens of a glowing green liquid. Instead of waterfalls, though, these screens appear more like the surfaces of lakes, as if gravity wasn’t pulling the liquid downwards, but into the holes. You’d believe it to be an optical illusion caused by an incredibly even flow of the sort you’ve occasionally seen in water fountains, if it wasn’t for the ripples which continuously spread out in circles from the centres of the screens, traversing their entire surfaces. A wooden bookstand covered in winding, vine-like ornamentations emerges from the plane’s centre point. Bound to it with an iron chain is a thick, ancient looking book in leather binding. A barred door is let into the wall to its right. A wooden sign that reads “Gift Shop” hangs above it.

>Investigate book
>Investigate holes